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Practicing jumps onto an airbag is an exhilarating activity that helps riders improve their skills and gives a boost to their confidence. The Dirt Factory airbag is available for hire and can be transported to any location in the UK. Options include delivery, setup, staffing and custom graphics. We also offer purchase deals should you wish to own your own airbag.

A rider exits the BigAirBag after landing a jump


An inflatable freestyle airbag is designed to smooth and secure the impact from landing jumps on your bike. Airbags are a safer, more hygienic and hassle-free alternative to foam pits, allowing riders to practice jumps in a safe, controlled environment. These specially manufactured products are increasingly being used by athletes looking to hone their mountain biking, BMX, motorbike, snowboarding or free-style skiing skills.  

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A fun-filled experience

Our airbag can be used by anyone on a mountain bike, BMX, scooter or skateboard. All ages and abilities can have fun on the airbag and progress their skills.

A boost of confidence

It's inspiring to watch different riders try new moves on the airbag and see their confidence grow. The airbag allows people to push their limits within a safe and controlled environment.

A safe activity

Safety is the foundation of the airbag design, installation and management of users. Our staff have been fully trained by BigAirBag®, including detailed instruction on how to set-up, take down, package, transport and maintain the airbag.

A speedy solution

Our airbag can be rolled out and inflated in a short space of time. It can be used indoors or outside and is suitable in all weathers. We also bring our own purpose built jump which allows riders the airtime needed to hone their jumps.


Here at Dirt Factory we use high-quality BigAirBag® products. These industry-leading airbags have a two zone impact absorbing system. The lower safety zone eliminates the possibility of ground contact while providing stability for a realistic landing. The upper zone provides optimum impact absorption by releasing air through the adjustable air valves.


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Looking to buy your own airbag? Dirt Factory can supply a variety of BigAirBag® products that can be used for many different applications.

All BigAirBag® products are developed, designed, manufactured and stringently tested for safety and quality before leaving the high-tech production facility in Holland. Only the finest German made materials from Mehgies and Sioen offer the most advanced production techniques available have been incorporated to guarantee the very best quality.

For peace of mind BigAirBag® products come with a full warranty and internationally recognized quality and safety certification from the TÜV and Vinçotte. BigAirBag® products conform to or exceed both the European Union safety regulations for inflatable sports equipment (EN-14960) and the US safety regulations set out by the ASTM.