Whether you need a full-scale bike park or something smaller, Dirt Factory can help you build a safe and successful cycling facility. Our experienced Trail Services team can support you throughout the whole process, from feasibility to design and construction.


At any concept stage it’s about understanding each strength, weakness and opportunity your project may have. Every project is unique, people and their communities vary significantly socially and economically – we develop a bespoke concept for each client.
We create a logistical plan to fit your budget. Engaging with all project stakeholders at this phase is essential to avoid common pitfalls and gain early supporters.
The key ingredient to a successful mountain bike trail and/or pump track is a well thought-out design. We conform to IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) sustainable trail building guidelines to ensure the highest quality standards. Our Trail Specialists deliver only sustainable trail design that offers guaranteed fun, no matter your target group. We even back our design quality with a low-maintenance guarantee.
We utilize the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) guidelines, eco-friendly construction techniques and the Dirt Factory “rider’s eye” to turn visions into effective bike infrastructure. Creating bike trails which are fun to ride involves more than just moving dirt and rocks, it's something more; it's reading and understanding the landscape, the environment and creating something unique. The riders should flow over the trail while at the same time, feeling connected with the surrounding environment. This unique trail experience is what brings back riders again and again to the same trail or pump track.
Protect your investment. Every trail will eventually need some maintenance. Targeted, regular maintenance will keep the trails in tip-top shape, which in return provides the best riding experience. Dirt Factory offers customised trail care solutions and a low maintenance guarantee on the trails we plan and build. Alternatively we also educate locals about maintenance techniques and the rules of trail care through IMBA certified trail building and maintenance workshops.
Media Package
“Hype” your project! We set up professional photo and video shoots to provide content for all your marketing and communication needs. Dirt Factory has a vast network of contacts ranging from cycling media to social influencers. Our tailored approach will get your target audience and neighbouring communities hungry to visit your trails.