Tackling societal issues such as inactivity, inequality, anti-social behaviour and depression, costs the UK billions of pounds each year.

We definitely can’t solve these problems alone, but we can certainly contribute to change. We passionately believe that cycling and more specifically, off-road cycling, can contribute a great deal in tackling many issues we face in day to day life. 

Dirt Factory has been commissioned across the UK to deliver a range of cycling projects for schools, local communities, council events, sport clubs and festivals. You can read about some of these projects below.

What we deliver.

  • Ultimately our team inspires more people to cycle more often and lead healthier and safer lives.
  • We tackle inequality gaps in cycling by encouraging all people regardless of gender, ethnicity or background to jump on a bike without feeling intimidated or nervous.
  • We make sure all our activities are relaxed, 'FUN', well planned and tailored to the user group.