We offer a range of portable Mountain Bike and BMX Skill Features which are perfect for using at home, your local park or within education environments.

We have focused on creating modular designs allowing many of our features to be expanded as riders progress, as well as linking features together to form interesting and challenging combinations to address multiple coaching points. 

Contact [email protected] for product enquiries and orders.


All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, primarily using high-quality phenolic (coated) plywood with a birch core. This gives a great balance of strength and weight, meaning our products will give years of service while being light enough for one or two people to easily transport and set up.


Our products are all tested by our team with a range of rider profiles and bike types. In addition our coaching partners help us by ‘field testing’ to ensure that the features withstand real-world usage. We are also developing our processes with a view to working towards an internationally-recognised quality management accreditation in the near future.