Lake District & Farmer Johns MTB Park Weekender

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As you know we’ve been working with Ben and Claire from WeRide to offer Dirt Factory customers access to high quality outdoor guided rides in the UK and abroad. Their guided rides and trips cater for all levels of cyclist, allowing everyone to take in the most stunning scenery, on awesome trails, making new friends and creating lasting memories.

WeRide are currently taking bookings for a Lake District weekend adventure with an added day of fun at Farmer John’s Mountain Bike Park from the 27th to the 29th August. It’s an absolute bargain at £150.

Challenging and rewarding

Whether it’s glacial ribbon lakes, rugged fell mountains or historic literary associations, the Lake District has them all! Of course it’s also home of the best mountain bike trails in the country if not the world! Famed for its high mountain passes, as rewarding as they are challenging and one of main reasons people ride the The Lake District. It really is an amazing and rewarding place to ride your bike.

Ben and Claire from WeRide - awesome people.

This weekend adventure is a coming together of 2 days of natural trail riding in some of the most stunning scenery and awesome trails, culminating with a trip to Farmer Johns MTB Park, for some great downhill action.

Riding from the door

For two days riders will be based from Ambleside at the head of Windermere, riding from the door of the accommodation out onto the fells and mountains.

Day three will be spent riding Farmer Johns MTB Park where there are trails for all levels of rider. From fast berms to rock gardens and jumps, no matter what your style of riding, you will find a trail to make you smile or push your limits. There will be plenty of tips and advice if you’re looking to progress those skills, FJ’s is a great place to improve skills and challenge yourself, keep pushing and you will feel more confident on your bike and the trail by the end of the weekend.

So what are you waiting for? find out more, tell your mates, and get booking!