Premises update

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The places you can get to when you ride a local towpath…

What are we up to now that we have secured investment you may ask? Well, amongst a few other things, our main priority has been working hard to secure our premises.

Yes, it’s taking time and for sure by now we wanted shovels in the dirt, but ensuring we find the best possible premises first time is the most important factor. We really want Dirt Factory to offer an excellent indoor riding experience, in a convenient location and with adequate space for parking and possible outdoor trails.

Potential sites

The two potential sites we had identified prior to our crowd fund campaign unfortunately fell through. One was taken off the market, with the site set for redevelopment, and the other premises were leased out before we had chance to strike a deal.

The challenge remains for the Dirt Factory team. We need to secure the right building, with suitable space and lofty internal height, outdoor areas, in an accessible Greater Manchester location and with terms that will allow us to deliver a sustainable business.

Our search has taken us to all corners of the city region and we definitely have a stronger grasp of the commercial property market than we did at the beginning of the year. Property agents, surveyors, local councils, MPs, Business Growth Hub and MIDAS are all helping us with our search.

Suitable premises

We have two suitable premises that we are currently pursuing negotiations on whilst still continuing our search for other potential sites, as and when they come onto the market. In the past few months we have viewed over 15 potential sites and had plenty more property search meetings with people helping us in our search. We are confident that there are other buildings out there waiting for us.

If you know of any vacant buildings around 70,000 square feet or bigger, please do let us know. In the meantime rest assured that we are doing all we can to secure the right premises for Dirt Factory as fast as possible.

Thank you to all those who have been in touch on social media and email. Also big thank you to all our followers and supporters, please do keep up the support – it’s very much appreciated by me and the team. #mtblove #rideinside

All the best,

Dan and the Dirt Factory team