Farmer Johns 2016

Venturefest 2016
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Throwback to this time last year and we had bankrolled 2 barrels of Greenfields Finest for Farmer Johns big race weekender, you may have even had a pint on us. This time we ditched the free beer in favour of cowbells and went to cheer on the racers track-side! Dan was even planning on racing, but cried off at the last minute claiming mechanical failure.

Farmer JohnsFarmer Johns

The DF crew have attended every one of the race weekenders in some shape or form since around 2008. The farm has come a long way since then and it’s amazing how much the tracks and everything else at John’s have evolved over the years, just look at the Big View Café or Bunkhouse and the developments will no doubt continue.

Feat of nerves

Arriving on site this year we were greeted with new sections of track, floodlights, stonebaked pizzas and a host of fancy dress wearing crazies, bikes adored with glowing paraphernalia. The night race is always a highlight of the year, to do well here is a feat of nerves, stamina and holding speed but it’s really more about having a laugh and riding down the track in an inflatable sumo suit or in some cases – your birthday suit, cheeky.

There’s always a good vibe trackside and looking around its clear to see the effort and investment that goes into putting on these events. Marshalls, riders, volunteers and spectators are buzzing around, the fires are lit and everyone is having a good time – welcome to Farmer John’s.

Riding community

It’s not just the infrastructure that has been improved, the trails have more variety, the features are built sustainably and track developments continue year on year. The riding community that Johns has helped to create is the greatest achievement though. This is really something we want to do at Dirt Factory – create a space where a riding community can develop and grow, have input into track developments and even learn how to build sustainable trails.

As well as providing a matrix of elevating and meandering indoor trails, we want to ensure the facility becomes an inclusive and physically rewarding activity. Just like Farmer Johns, we aim to provide spaces in which participants may:

  • Enter unfamiliar locations and meet new people
  • Talk and reflect upon relationships and performances
  • Be encouraged by coaches and peers to take personal and mutual responsibility, thus refining their sense of both individual potentials and mutual dependencies
  • Experience strong and open intergenerational contact, thus fostering more respectful forms of interaction.

Thanks John

Farmer Johns