Pump Track Salford Peel Park 2018

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It’s April half term, schools have broken up and young people are looking for something to do.  This Easter, Dirt Factory set up their mobile modular pump track in Little Hulton, Salford.

Free to use, the Dirt Factory pump track was set up for two days in the park. We were also on hand to repair people’s bikes and provide bike maintenance workshops.

On the first day there was a total attendance of 18 people. Riders gradually turned up for the two hour session. The majority of people were either riding their own bike or sharing Dirt Factory demo bikes. On the second day there was a total attendance of 24 people. It was clear that news had spread from the first day.

Excellent attendance

In total 42 people attended the bike sessions over two days and 38 people clocked up at least 1 hour of intense exercise each day. The youngest rider was aged 5 and the eldest around 15. 93% of attendance was male, something we can work on for future sessions

More pump track sessions

The young people provided feedback and now the council are looking at funding more  pump track sessions. Ideas were also discussed about building a permanent pump track or a small dirt trail within the wooded area in Peel Park.

Overall a very positive two days which helped contribute to steering young people onto the right path in life. Riding a bike park, pump track or air bag is not just about riding. It´s about people, building communities and providing a pathway into activity.

Dirt Factory is proud to have worked with the young people from Little Hulton to create opportunities for riders and communities in Salford.

To find out more about Dirt Factory activities in your area or hiring our modular pump track please contact [email protected]

Pump Track Rental

Pump Track Rental