School and Community Bike Sessions

Riders unite for Urban Action Weekend
Indoor Bike Project with Rio Ferdinand Foundation

Whilst our premises search continues we have been sharing our love for cycling with several school and community groups across Greater Manchester.

Permanent Indoor Facility

Searching for a permanent indoor facility is our main priority, however, the more people that we speak to and teach now, the higher chance of people using the bicycle as a lifestyle in the future. We believe that more people on bikes will result in a more sustainable and social nation.

School PE session on bikes

So far, pupils from various schools, PE teachers and local communities have been touched by ‘bike power’. We teach key bike skills, show pupils how to check and maintain their bikes, signpost them to existing cycle networks and bike parks around Greater Manchester and promote a fun and healthy living. The latter is a guaranteed benefit.

The humble bicycle has provided an unlimited amount of good times, opportunities and a healthy way of living to millions of people around the world. Speaking from a personal perspective, it is very satisfying to see our local mountain biking group grow, watching younger generations pedalling through the ranks from balance bikes to full suspension trail bikes. Making new friends and having good fun on a bike are what school and community sessions are all about, regardless of ability. We can all reap the plentiful benefits that cycling offers week in week out.

Indoor Cycle Hub

Providing a permanent indoor cycle hub where people can learn and experience off-road cycling in a safe and controlled environment is why Dirt Factory was born. I see Dirt Factory as a social-machine with a production line creating thousands of smiling faces, healthier people and improved riding ability.

Salford Community bike session

  • How many calories you use up whilst cycling depends on your weight, height, age and how fast you ride etc., but (very) generally speaking, cycling burns around 5 calories a minute.
  • In 2013, almost a third of children aged 2-15 were classed as either overweight or obese.
  • Without action, 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children will be obese by 2050 in the UK – and cost the NHS £10 billion p.a.
  • A recent survey commissioned by Halfords revealed that only 4 in 10 children ride their bikes more than once a week, partly due to electronic devices and fear of getting hurt.
  • British Cycling say anxiety, stress and depression can all be alleviated by cycling, partly due to the physical activity itself, but also due to the pleasure and satisfaction of riding a bike.

Go and give mountain biking a go, you will love it. If you work with young people or community groups and want to encourage them to be confident and have fun on their bike then we may be able to help. Get in touch and we can offer our own bespoke services or signpost you to other relevant programmes. Contact us at [email protected]