Air Bag Jam at FJMTB

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Dirt Factory Business Update

Wind, rain and shine, the Dirt Factory air bag jam was enjoyed in all weather at this year’s Farmer Johns race. We were originally only running the air bag jam on the Saturday. The following day however presented us with some very rare sunshine here in Manchester. This was too tempting to miss, so we decided to open the runway and air bag for one extra day.

On the Saturday, despite the conditions, riders visited Farmer Johns MTB park (FJMTB) for one thing and one thing only, to clock up their air miles post Redbull Rampage. The rain made the air bag slippier than an eel covered in Vaseline, but this didn’t stop riders trying tricks for the first time, knowing a soft landing was ahead.

Come Sunday, race day, the ground was moist but the sun was out. Where did this lovely autumnal blue sky come from?  MTB Jesus maybe? Both Saturday and Sunday were awesome days, both very different weather conditions, but awesome.

One of the highlights was rider Charlie Flynn who jumped the air bag in a soaked dinosaur guise. It was also fantastic to see riders dial in their jumping skills, including first time back flips, whips, no-handers and 360’s – check out the video for a recap of all the action.

If anyone has any more air bag videos or photos, feel free to share them with us. For air bag hire enquiries contact [email protected]

See you at the next event.