Dirt Factory Business Update

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Business update

The past two months have been crazy, and I thought it was time for a business update so here’s a little round-up for all our supporters and fellow cyclists out there.

You may be aware that we have been working on plans to secure a building in Stockport for a couple of months to house the indoor mountain bike park. Unfortunately that building is sadly no longer available. The building has recently been purchased on a scale that we cannot compete with. We are disappointed to say the least but some buildings are just not meant to be.

70,000 – 100,000 sq ft

To reiterate, we are looking for a building around 70,000-100,000 sq ft, in a competitive commercial property market, where there is a severe lack of large shed or warehouse spaces. By now we could have secured a space outside of Greater Manchester or a smaller building, but as a team we decided that wouldn’t be right. We believe strongly in securing a building of the right size and location, and that investing the time now, during this stage of our journey, will deliver a sustainable Dirt Factory business in the long run.

Our mission has never changed. We want to provide a safe, fun and inspiring indoor bike facility that will improve people’s bike skills, health and well-being and by doing so, help provide a sustainable future for off-road and urban cycling.

Expanding our current services

To help us achieve our primary objective, we are expanding our current services and partnerships and are continuing to approach property agents, landlords and councils. We have a colourful events calendar in the pipeline which involves popping up at schools, bike festivals and community projects. This will help us to grow Dirt Factory in-between our efforts to secure a premises which remains our highest priority.

Thanks for all the calls and emails over the past two month, I am always amazed by the number of people from across the North West that get in touch.

Our website will be updated soon showing new services, partnerships and some special events.

Thank you all for your support and happy spring riding,


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