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Yes you read that correct, Dirt Factory are providing free bike repairs in partnership with Cycling UK and The Big Bike Revival. With the impact of Covid19, the numbers of people finding cycling is a safe and mentally and physically beneficial way to travel has grown.

As more people are considering cycling for both work and leisure, the demand is increasing and our programme of Dr Bike sessions aims to support the whole community to cycle. We have put together a list of FAQ below which will hopefully be the first step to getting your bike back in action.

What is a Dr Bike Session?

Dr Bike sessions are delivered by mechanics in local communities for everyone and at workplaces over the summer and into winter 2020. These sessions are available nationwide and anybody can access the upcoming events – including children – to help build on the cycling habits of the next generation.

The Dr Bike events build on the Big Bike Revival for Key Workers programme which has supported people to cycle as a safe and effective way to travel and maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Big Bike Revival scheme provides funding and support, so that independent bike shops, bicycle recycling organisations and not-for-profit cycling groups can offer assistance to those who need it.

How does Dr Bike work?

Our trained mechanic will be able to spend a maximum of 30 minutes per bike and carry out a full safety check and some minor repairs (see below). If your bike requires more substantial repairs, our mechanic will be able to signpost you to the Government £50 Repair Voucher scheme (subject to vouchers being released by the Government) and provide other repair and part recommendations.

Email: [email protected] or call 07388097750 to book your bike in.

Can you fix my bike?

Yes. The free pop-up Dr Bike sessions will help sort out those loose brakes, jumping gears and flat tyres so that old bikes at the back of the shed can have a new lease of life.

Our professional mechanic is on hand to do the following:

Brakes – Caliper and cable adjustment, cable and pad replacement

Gears – Indexing, adjustment and cable replacement

Chain – Check for wear, lubricate if required

Tyres – Puncture repair/tube replacement, inflated to recommended pressure (PSI)

Other – Check all nuts and bolts are correctly torqued, headset and bottom bracket check, check bar plugs and cable end caps, and replace if missing

Time – Maximum of 30-minutes time spent on your bike.

What COVID19 measures have you put in place at your facility?

Our Dr Bike sessions can take place with precautions to ensure that people:

  1. Maintain a social distance
  2. Queue at a distance (using floor markers and queue posts and chains)
  3. Do not gather e.g. around a bike being fixed

We have implemented further Covid19 safety measures which can be found here.