Pop-Up Bike Day

Core Bike Show 2018
Ride Mossley

Victoria Park, Swinton is where it’s been at this week. Some awesome Air Bag bike action, all types of cycle repairs and lots of bike theft prevention measures rolled out. We even had a little sunshine at the pop-up bike day.

Pop-up bike day

For the past two days we have had the Dirt Factory Air Bag set-up in Salford. The two day event was delivered in partnership with Salford City Council and Greater Manchester Police. The objectives of the project were to help reduce bike crime and anti-social-behaviour (ASB) in Salford, above all engaging 10-16 year-olds through positive physical activities. The pop-up bike day produced the following key outcomes;

  • 138 people took part in the Air Bag activity, predominately 10-16 year olds
  • Over 150 bike locks were issued including 60 bikes tagged via immobilise.com
  • On average each participate spent 1 hour riding a bike
  • Learning fundamental bike skills and inspiring the next generation
  • Positive engagement and sense of respect between 10-16 ages and GMP
  • Social inclusion between a mixture of age groups 3-9, 10-16 and 16+
  • Over 30 bikes were repaired and brought back into safe use.

Teenagers ready to jump the Air BagFree bike repairs

Whether you took part or were one of the many spectators cheering from the side-lines. It seemed everyone had a great time and most importantly found the event useful.  It was fantastic to see a good mixture of age, abilities and gender attend the event and enjoy the activities.

Dirt Factory Air Bag EventIn conclusion, we have inspired a lot more people to ride their bikes more often and in addition made their bikes more secure. Don’t forget to use your D-Locks and please remember to register your property over at immobilise.com

Hope you enjoyed the video. Where would you like to see us next for instance? Please comment below or on the YouTube video.

See you next time.