Can you Learn from Pro Mountain Bikers?

Meet the Team at Dirt Factory
Meet the Team
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Yes you can is the short answer, and Dirt Factory is very excited to announce a number of unique mountain bike coaching classes with the help from two professional riders. But are these courses any different to an ordinary MTB coaching course? Will the entire course be based on advanced techniques and leave me well behind? Read on and you might be in for a surprise.

Surely it doesn’t get better then learning from a professional mountain biker. Well actually, we think we’ve gone one better. There are lots of amazing professional mountain bikers and coaches out there, who are more than just a professional, they are extremely talented, super fit and usually very dedicated. But, in our opinion there are not many current riders out there riding the humble bicycle quite like the 50to01 crew. Yes okay, there are a few exceptions, Kade Edwards being one of them. However, the 50to01 lads are doing some near unbelievable ‘teckers’ on two wheels that only the near immortals could handle. With that in mind, surely some of the 50to01 crew have plenty of tips to pass on?

We invited Sam Dale and Craig Evans, two founding members of 50to01, to provide a unique coaching opportunity at our indoor bike park, and so far the sessions have been very well received. Sam and Craig both love giving back to the mountain bike community, they are easy to talk to and they are on hand to help you improve whatever skills you are looking to development.

The course is a private coaching session (no public) and participants will have exclusive access to the entire Dirt Factory Bike Park. It’s a two hour session which is tailored to the individual riders needs and they cost £55 per person. For more information see here or drop us an email at [email protected]

And remember, even the best crash, but they always get back up and try again, see for yourself in this 50to01 crash compilation video.