Farmer Johns MTB Race 2017

Little Hulton Goes Large Pump Track
Do you wear a helmet?

Downhill bike racing, soap box, dirt jump jam, night race, long jump and dual slalom hosted by World Cup Champion, local rat and all round nice guy Josh Bryceland and the 50to01 crew, the fun levels were off the scale this year at Farmer Johns MTB park.

Full race results and images here.

The only thing missing was the Dirt Factory airbag. Unfortunately there was not a blade of grass in sight following the heavy down pours. The heavy mud meant the team had to pull the plug (pun intended) and cancel the airbag session.

It goes without saying we were a little deflated (I’ll stop now) but it didn’t matter. It was race day, there were hundreds of racers and some new track features like the ‘canyon gap’ to go and look at. So instead the Dirt Factory crew grabbed some cattle bells and cheered on the guys and girls between the tapes.

As always, the atmosphere track-side was electric and the no-nonsense approach from the fans and racers was biblical – just like the rain. A big shout-out to all of the people we had a chat with over the weekend. Your support is well and truly appreciated and we hope to have an indoor bike park provision open for you before too long.

Keep an eye on Farmer Johns Facebook page as we will be planning another Dirt Factory airbag day very soon.